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Simplicity. We charge just two low flat fees, dependent upon the net assets of the fund.We interact with you and you with us through an efficient, streamlined portal that keeps us and you up to date in real time.

Efficiency. Your audit will be completed and reports returned to you within 5 working days of having all required documentation. That’s our service guarantee to you.

Quality. Our audit processes apply checklists and procedures that exceed 600 individual audit considerations which are designed to meet the exacting professional and independence requirements laid down by the Australian Professional & Ethical Standards (APES) Board. In addition, our procedures and processes are designed to meet the requirements of Australian Auditing & Assurance Standards and the requirements of the SIS Act. Our work programs are updated as changes are made to legislation or professional standards. Our processes are subject to periodic independent quality assurance review conducted by CPA Australia Ltd, to provide reasonable assurance of compliance with mandatory professional standards.

Your client relationship is protected. We do not communicate with your clients directly. All communication with respect to the audit will be sent through you to the fund Trustees. We will keep you in the loop at all times building a trusted working relationship with you, and will always endeavour to protect your valued relationship with your client, and your client’s privacy.

Scaleable team. We have a large team of skilled and qualified accountants available to us so we can handle large volumes of audit work in peak audit periods. Please feel free to speak with us if you have a large number of funds that require auditing, and we will make arrangements to accommodate your requirements.

Your client is covered. Should the worst ever happen, all of our work is covered by our Professional Indemnity insurance policy.