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Keeping our interactions largely cloud based, we can work with you and your clients no matter where in Australia you are based. To send your client’s audits to us, all you need to do is follow the following simple steps to get up and running:

Step 1. Sign up with us as an accountant/advisor. CLICK HERE to register with us. Once your user account is set up, you’ll be able to have your staff log on to the portal to add client details.

Step 2. Download your user instruction manual for a detailed explanation of how our portal works. CLICK HERE to download your user manual.

Step 3. Add the funds you’d like us to audit through the portal following the instructions provided in the user manual. If you have multiple funds that you’d like to add, we’ve made it fast and simple for you or your staff to do so. Simply download our bulk client addition excel spreadsheet, fill out the required details for each fund, and then upload the spreadsheet to the portal using the instructions provided in the user manual. All funds will be imported automatically and will then appear on your client list on the portal. For users of BGL and BGL 360, Fund details can be imported directly into the audit portal. Just issue us an access code and we’ll do the rest! CLICK HERE to download the client spreadsheet.

Step 4. Upload client financials, tax returns & documents. As you’ll see, our portal allows for the upload of permanent fund documents by category, as well as audit evidence documents for each year by category as well. Please refer to the user manual for details on how to upload client documents. Once you’ve uploaded the documents for your clients, they’ll show as ready to audit at our end. If we require anything further for the audit, our team will be in contact with you. Our software is compatible with BGL fund software, so funds completed in BGL can just be imported straight into our portal, saving you and your staff time.

Step 5. Monitor audit progress through the portal. You’ll be able to see the progress on each audit as our team work on your jobs in real time. 5 days is the most we’ll take to turn around your SMSF audits once all of the required documents have been provided. Once your client’s audit is completed, the signed audit report and audit management letter will be available to download from the portal.

Simple as!